The territory

Lagonegrese’s area stretches between Vallo di Diano and the Pollino Massif.
The articulated territorial contest allows to cross from the Maratea Coast, which overlooks the Tyrrenhian Sea, to the suggestive mountain landscapes of Sirino Massif which delimits the border between the National Park of Lucanian Apennine and Cilento one.
Maratea is a natural artwork that is nestled in the Lucanian Apennines slopes. Extending for 32 km on the coast, the territory is surrounded by many little villages close to the historical medieval centre. It is immersed in a truly suggestive atmosphere dominated by the Castle’s ruins, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer and Saint Biagio’s Sanctuary.

Various paths twisting among the hills offer many viewpoints which allow to enjoy all the beauty of the landscape overlooking the valley.
The little villages Rivello, Trecchina and Nemoli are considered as the most suggestive boroughs all around Basilicata. Here the medieval architecture is harmonically mixed with the typical hilltops made of coaster-like rolling hills and staircases which assure to visit a labyrinthine system of alleys. It can be found the same suggestive medieval urban structure in the boroughs of Lagonegro and Lauria which are surrounded by the thick woods of Mount Sirino through which it is possible to reach the amazing protected area of Lake Laudemio which has glacial origins. Conservano le caratteristiche medievali anche Castelluccio Inferiore e Castelluccio Superiore, ricchi di numerosi ritrovamenti archeologici e palazzi storici di grande interessese. I due borghi proiettati nella Valle del Mercure si snodano in una serie di suggestivi vicoli immersi nelle bellezze ambientali del Parco Nazionale del Pollino. Latronico è il paradiso del benessere con le sue numerose sorgenti d’acqua termale. Si tratta di un piccolo paesino che si estende a macchia d’olio diradandosi man mano che si scende verso la parte bassa del rilievo su cui nasce. Attraversato da vicoli caratteristici e circondato da panorami mozzafiato offerti dal Parco Nazionale del Pollino, il comune è reso ancor più suggestivo dalla presenza dai calanchi che fanno da cornice al centro storico.

In addition to a naturalistic heritage characterized by wonderful scenaries, the valley owns a very ancient history witnessed by some prehistoric exhibits found in the whole area and by the rich and suggestive cultural heritage deriving from history, folk and renowned food traditions.
Thanks to the presence of two National Parks and the Tyrrenhian Sea, both the mountain and Mediterranean scenaries are part of an amazing landscape.
In this varied territory it is possible to admire from the dense vegetation to the beautiful beaches, cliffs, caves and rocky islets which characterise the coast.


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