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The Maratea Experience project comes out from the need to enhance the cultural and naturalistic excellences as well as the consolidated and shared experiences of the territory of Maratea and the Lagonegrese.

Through this project, the nine municipalities of the area, Maratea, Lagonegro, Lauria, Nemoli, Rivello, Trecchina, Castelluccio Inferiore, Castelluccio Superiore and Latronico are willing to implement a tourism model that involves the whole area systematically and systemically, de-seasonalizing the tourist flows that involve the area almost exclusively in summertime, focusing on the naturalistic and religious cultural heritage.

This project is based on two closely interrelated axes: the online booking destination platform and the introduction of innovative methods of tourist assistance.

The project, which lasts two years and involves the complete realization of the scheduled activities divided into six phases, has as its final objective the complete remodeling of the tourist offer of Maratea and the Lagonegrese, which will be integrated into an innovative Tourist System , the first in Basilicata.

The tourist system will be managed by a DMO (Destination Management Organization), a modern management body, which will be the new control room for the development of the destination. The DMO, endowed with human assets and technological resources, will have the task of taking care of tourist reception, information, promotion, marketing, training, the identification of new economic levers and the development of new projects.

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