Valle del Noce – Itinerary of the Sanctuaries

It’s both a religious and a naturalistic itinerary, which connects the Marian Shrines of Valle del Noce, to which is added the Basilica of San Biagio, placed at the top of the mountain of the same name. Ideally the different Marian shrines create a sort of large ring or rosary crown, which refers to the Marian figure, around which the cult in the Noce basin was rooted with ancient origins, growing in the various eras.

In addition to the major shrines distributed on 4 of the 6 municipalities, there are various churches and chapels dedicated to the Virgin, in a certainly high number. The path between the various Sanctuaries involves the one called Madonna della Neve which is reached via a picturesque road between rocks and beech woods.

The Sanctuary of the Assumption of Lauria, perched on the upland of the Armo, with a striking panoramic view in a dominant position on the two districts of the town. The Madonna del Soccorso of Trecchina, built in 1926 on an ancient chapel also located high above the historical center. Finally, the Pontifical Basilica of S. Biagio in Maratea, which is inserted as an integral part of the itinerary for its spiritual importance, even if it’s not marian.

The common characteristic of the sites, besides the purely religious aspects, is the position and the choice of the places where they are located: they all raised above the town and the historical center, all in a dominant position as to protect the believers’ community from above; they are also perched upward as to have a symbolic proximity to the sky.

Points of interest along the route:

Madonna della Neve – Lagonegro
Sanctuary of the Assumption – Lauria
Madonna del Soccorso – Trecchina
Basilica San Biagio – Maratea

Length / Time: to be covered in stops from 5 to 15km
How to travel: on foot, on horseback, by car.

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