Valle del Noce – Convents routes

The route that runs through the historical centers of all six municipalities of Valle del Noce collecting visits to the monumental structures built by monks and friars united by the Capuchin and Dominican cult.

Since ancient times, the presence of monks of Greek and Byzantine origins in the Noce basin was heavy: the monastic orders were a vehicle of religious culture, but also historical and artistic as well as education and dissemination of life according to the founding principles of order.

The proposed itinerary starts from Maratea where you encounter three very structurally different convents, one dedicated to St. Francis one to the Rosary and the other of the Capuchins order; this makes Maratea the richest town of these places, at least in terms of numbers; Trecchina does not have any, but acts as a way station and connection with the other neighboring municipalities. Continuing the tour you reach the town of Rivello, which perhaps boasts what is probably the most important convent in terms of size and historical origins. The convent of Sant’Antonio is a wealth of artistic treasures of inestimable value, such as the famous fresco of the last supper in the refectory and the current archaeological museum housed in a wing of the convent itself.

Along the river Noce you reach Lagonegro, which still boasts the convent of S. Maria degli Angeli, one of the largest and most important, located about 3 km from the town, it was built on the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery and the one dedicated to St. Francis in the center of the village. Continuing the route you cross the town of Nemoli, which does not provide monasteries but deserves a visit to the small village and to the Sirino lake.

Finally Lauria holds two convents, one dedicated to St. Anthony, still inhabited today and governed by the order in the upper district, the other, instead located in the lower district, and dedicated to the Immaculate (or S. Bernardino that seems to be the founding friar) is governed and inhabited by the nuns of the order of St. Vincent.

The convents in the Valle del Noce are characterized by their different origins and an historical tradition that makes them unique for the structure and they differentiate one another with their own history of faith.

Points of interest along the route:
Convent of San Francesco – Maratea
Convent of the Rosary – Maratea
Convent of the Capuchins – Maratea
Only passing through – Trecchina
Convent of Sant’Antonio – Rivello
Convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli – Lagonegro
Convent of San Francesco – Lagonegro
Only passing by – Nemoli
Convent of the Immaculate Conception (San Bernardino) – Lauria
Convent of Sant’Antonio – Lauria

Length / Time: to be covered in stops from 5 to 15 km

How to travel: on foot, by bike, on horseback, by car.

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