Trecchina – Urban Trekking – Historical Center

The route starts from the town center towards the historical center / castle, a journey back in the history of the land from the everyday to the Middle Age.

A path that starts from the “piano”, the lower part of the modern town, with a picturesque and almost anachronistic nature of the town of Trecchina, which is able let the visitors enjoy a little village that still seems immersed in another era , flowered and luxuriant with trees; then the path moves uphill towards the upper part, the centre of medieval life, up to the castle that still dominates the whole town.

The main churches of the municipality are along the route and they preserve the signs of culture and local devotion.

Points of interest along the route:

  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo (in the piano part)
  • Church of Our Lady of Grace (Rosario)
  • Mother Church of San Michele (San Giovanni)
  • Ducal Tower
  • Ducal Palace

Length / Time: 3/4 km

How to travel: on foot

StaffTrecchina – Urban Trekking – Historical Center