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Itinerary in the “jewel” village of Rivello, which touches the main places of worship of the town along characteristic lanes, admiring old shops and views of the landscape where time seems to have stopped. Ancient arches and portals mark the eras of this characteristic village, one of the most evocative of the Valle del Noce. The town of Rivello, perched on a ridge with a large slope, is divided into three areas along the route: the Motta, the highest part where stands the Church of S. Nicola, with an interesting crypt, and the one of S. Michele, nowadays a theater, which offers a panoramic viewpoint over the entire surrounding valley and the view in the distance of the nearby Lauria town; the Serra, a median part; and the Poggio, the lowest part. Piazza Umberto is evocative, another terrace overlooking the valley that offers a 180° view, allowing you to gaze up to the town of Nemoli and Lauria. Going down the characteristic stairways, after the flat stretch called “o stretto”, on the left you will find the Church of S. Anna while descending towards Piazza Regina Margherita you reach the one of the Assunta, inside of which there is a precious canvas of the artist Mauro Masi. From the historical center heart, above all from the panoramic terraces overlooking the valley, stands the Church of S. Maria del Poggio, certainly one of the most important for Rivello.

Going down again you reach the complex of the convent of Sant’Antonio and the annexed archaeological museum in the town hall. In the refectory you can admire the fresco of the Last Supper with a high pictorial iconographic value. August 19th, on the occasion of the village’s food and wine festival, the “animated” itinerary is appreciated by many tourists. The initiative combines traditional flavors and rediscover the most hidden places of this village.

Points of interest along the route:

  • Church of San Rocco
  • Mother Church of St. Nicholas, IX century
  • Chapel of the Madonna della Motta
  • Former Church San Michele (nowadays a theater)
  • Church of Sant’Anna
  • Church of Purgatory
  • Church of Santa Barbara
  • Church of the Pietà
  • Church of the Assumption
  • Church of the SS. Trinity
  • Church of S. Maria del Poggio
  • Convent Sant’Antonio, with church and museum (moving on foot or by car)

Length / Time: to be defined

How to travel: on foot

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