Nemoli – Urban Trekking – Historic Center and Lake Sirino

An urban and naturalistic route that unites the two souls of the village, the daily life of the village and the natural environment of the Sirino lake. The centre of Nemoli is marked by the presence of ancient portals in front of the various monuments and sacred places scattered around the town: in this area it is possible to visit the parish church of S. Maria delle Grazie; you can admire the historic building and symbol of the Palazzo Filizzola centre, and eventually, with a short walk in the village, the chapel of S. Maria delle Grazie. The tour itinerary includes the transfer by car to the Sirino lake, or on foot, along a 3.5 km path (Cai 628) that leads to the lake basin, between the unspoiled nature. The lake frame offers a truly evocative view and it’s ideal for cycling or walking and just above the lake you can visit the distinctive church of the “Holy Family”, to which each year on August 14th the festival is dedicated, surrounded by the greenery of the nearby grove.

In the summer it is possible to linger in the evening to watch the show of the “Lady of the Lake”, which traces the local history and which had its debut in the summer of 2016 experiencing a great success of critics and public.

Points of interest along the route:

  • Church of S. Maria delle Grazie
  • Chapel of Santa Maria
  • Palazzo Filizzola
  • Church of the Sirino Lake (Holy Family)
  • The Lady of the Lake (summer representation)

How to travel: on foot, by bike, by car

StaffNemoli – Urban Trekking – Historic Center and Lake Sirino