Itinerary that embraces the two town districts, joining them in a sort of big ring, including all the main places of interest in the municipality of Lauria. In addition to San Nicola and San Giacomo, the two main churches, the route connects the two convents that are located on two different points of the external road that connects the two districts and the Sanctuary of Madonna Assunta as a common vertex, also placed in a dominant position on both the districts that are in a way symmetrical and specular.

The two mother churches constitute the core of a religious historical itinerary that has the flavor of a “journey” between faith and tradition. The ring route is covered in full during the week of the celebrations of the patron saint S. Giacomo through the initiative “Cammino di Santiago” now established as a regular annual meeting for the laurioti.

Points of interest along the route:

  • Church of St. James
  • Chapel of San Gaetano
  • Chapel of St. John the Baptist
  • Church of Santa Maria dei Suffragi
  • Santa Veneranda Chapel
  • Church of Santa Maria della Sanità
  • Edicola of the Madonna del Carmine
  • Church of Sant’Elia
  • Church of San Giuseppe
  • Ruggero Castle
  • Sanctuary of Madonna Assunta
  • Church of San Pasquale
  • Casa del Beato Lentini
  • Church of San Vincenzo
  • Church of San Nicola
  • Church of San Biagio
  • Capuchin Convent
  • Church of San Pietro
  • Convent of the Immaculate Conception (San Bernardino)

Length / Time: 10 km / 5.5 h
How to travel: On foot