Lagonegro – Cammino to Madonna della Neve Sanctuary

A pilgrimage that, starting from the inhabited center of Lagonegro, continues along the SS 19 delle Calabrie, from the chapel Madonna del Brusco you go upwards, passing the Acqua del Grillo spring, until reaching the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Sirino.

A spiritual journey with a high environmental / naturalistic value, especially in the last 5 km from the chapel of the Madonna del Brusco (1066 meters). After one kilometer a sheep track leads through a thick beech forest, following a climb of almost 2,5 kilometers you reach a stone path without trees that leads to our destination, the chapel of Maria Santissima della Neve, at 1908 metres above the sea level.

It is not a difficult route but it is certainly tiring because it goes entirely uphill and the round trip takes almost eight and a half hours; once reached the top, however, the show offered can repay the hiker of every effort.

From the chapel, also known as “Madonna del Sirino“, you have a 360 °vision of Basilicata: on one side it will be possible to admire the mountain peaks like Mount Papa (2005 metres) and on the other the enchanting spectacle of the sea that it is reflected in the Gulf of Policastro.

Points of interest along the route:

  • Church of the SS. Trinity (historical center of Lagonegro)
  • Chapel of the Madonna del Brusco
  • Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve

Length / Time: 10 km4 h– 1.200 metres elevation gain (from the Chapel of the Madonna del Brusco 5 km)
How to travel: on foot, by bike, on horseback

The pilgrimage takes place every year:

  • on the third Sunday of May the statue of the Madonna della Neve is carried on the shoulder of the believers from the village to the Sanctuary.
  • on the third Sunday of September the reverse route is carried out.
  • on 4 and 5 August it is celebrated on Mount Sirino with a short procession and blessing on the 4 sides of the peak.

StaffLagonegro – Cammino to Madonna della Neve Sanctuary