Festivals and religious celebrations

In addition to the many natural attractions that represent an opportunity for entertainment for all ages that can perform many outdoor activities, the whole area is animated throughout the year by rituals and events.

Festivals and religious feasts are organized in each village; these celebrations represent the right opportunity to taste the local food and wine and to confront local cultural traditions.

The most representative events and rites of the area are often linked to a religious reason or to a ritual linked to the local traditional cultural, food and wine heritage.

In Nemoli, for example, on the day of Corpus Domini, the main avenue is covered with a carpet formed by ostensory and goblet-shaped broom flowers and goblets, covered with rose petals, while during the Carnival, the village comes alive with the Sagra della Polenta, cooked in a huge copper boiler of handicraft manufacture of the nearby Rivello. The carnival is one of the most lively moments in the entire region of Basilicata and in this period you can find many festivals and events in which the traditional Lucan masks relive.

Also of great interest is the Cantacronze, singer of traditional songs , called chronos, which still resists in Trecchina.

The Cantacronze is a character dressed in a mighty shepherd’s tunic, wearing a dark hat on his head, and he is famous because he pillories with his tales the most famous characters in the village. His rhymed songs are accompanied by the rhythm of cupa cupa, a musical instrument typical of the regional tradition.

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