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Protected marine area – Costa di Maratea

Three SCI areas – “Acquafredda di Maratea”, “Marina di Castrocucco” and “Isola di S. Ianni e Costa prospiciente” – have been the subject of prior studies in the last few years, aimed at the future institution as a Protected Marine Area.

The studies conducted by the CNR of Naples and the Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics of Salerno recognized the environmental value of the area, evidenced by the processing of geological maps and the collection of important data on a very large Posidonia oceanica colony in good condition.

Maratea coastline has undoubtedly special standards such as a unique biodiversity that needs to be protected and advertise, as well as a marine environment that makes people jealous.

Maratea has for years been a stop on Goletta Verde, the Legambiente vessel that navigates along the Italian coasts to monitor and discover the most fascinating places in Italy and, for years, the Tyrrhenian town has been awarded with quality “sails“.

The 5 sails obtained by Maratea are the highest acknowledgment that indicates the excellent quality of the sea and the environment, as well as the excellent food and wine, breathtaking landscapes, places of art and a sustainable policy of land management.

The establishment of the Protected Marine Area is a vital contribution to the protection of the precious Maratea’s marine-coastal ecosystem.

StaffProtected marine area – Costa di Maratea