Mountain Bike

Freedom. Imagine a path, draw it with your eyes and do it!

This is the mountain bike! To be able to go from the asphalt road to the dirt road with a simple turn, travel for miles, eat dust, cross woods, face the temperature variations and reach the peaks and then descend at full speed in nature, between furrows left on the ground by the elements and natural obstacles that make harder the trajectories but at the same time make funnier the ride.

Copy, jump, drift. And then stop. Breathe, feel the heart beating still hard for the effort, feel all that nature within. Feeling alive and part of that world.

The Lagonegrese is also this.

There are various routes to follow, different degree of difficulty in order to please all lovers of the pedals, from beginners to the hard-cored.


laudemio porto di maratea

Lake Laudemio – Port of Maratea

trecchina monte crivo maratea


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