Maratea Experience

Maratea Sacra

The dynamism and passion of a tourist promotion association active in the territory of the municipality of Maratea, favored the development of a groundbreaking project idea: Maratea Sacra.

Maratea, the city of 44 churches, offers itself in all its historical and cultural value through a journey that leads to the discovery of churches, chapels and monasteries scattered throughout the territory of the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian, each one with its historical and artistic features. A journey through history and faith that surprises the traveler step by step, through paintings, statues, architectural elements and expressions of faith of the population.

The different itineraries of Maratea Sacra are designed to escort tourists to discover the places through breathtaking landscapes and urban routes full of suggestions and atmosphere.
Each proposed itinerary allows to enjoy the different aspects of the land and offers the support of a real virtual guide.

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