Horse riding

Immerse yourself in the Lucanian macchia, breathe in the smells of the mountain, fill your eyes with the colors that inhabit it and chase one another until they get lost in the sea, in that sea that kisses the hardest and most proud rock appropriating its scents and mixing them … all of this while making a relaxing horse riding!

This is what Lagonegrese offers, paths with different degrees of difficulty, suitable for entertaining beginners as well as to satisfy veterans, within a fairytale setting, in unspoiled nature but dotted with small and welcoming inhabited centers.

An opportunity not to be missed, with a direct and true contact with nature and with the traces left by the passage of history!

An authentic experience that Lagonegrese, can make magical, combining together its many natural and cultural beauties…

So let’s saddle the horses and get ready to lose ourselves in this enchanted world!


escursioni a cavallo a Maratea

Maratea – Santa Maria – Monte Cerreta Slopes

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