Maratea Experience


The municipality of Rivello activated the procedures for the realization of a project that will result in the constitution “Presidium of the Mediterranean Diet – Multifunctional Center of Rurality“, in a nutshell: DietaMed.

DietaMed stands as an attractor based on the value of the Mediterranean Diet for the health of the Human Being and for the Economy, aimed at developing local tourism activities, leveraging, first of all, on the value offered by the culture of food and the styles of life connected to the Mediterranean Diet, Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.

The project is one of the first that comes to life in the regions of Southern Italy and in particular in Basilicata, and also wants to be a tribute to all those who have been involved in the researches on the Mediterranean Diet starting from Ancel and Margaret Keys, who dedicated their whole life to it. The goal is to create – in the evocative venue of the 16th century Rivello Monastery – an international centre of culture, information, education and research, at the service of those people willing to work for the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet in the world.