Challenge yourself, overcome your limits and win!

This is the spirit of climbing!

Use courage and adrenaline to go beyond fear. Reach the top with its panorama of those who have made it with their own strength, of those who have held firm in a battle that involves all the muscles, that engages on the cognitive and emotional level more than you can imagine!

A unique experience in which you live contrasting emotions, with the emptiness that surrounds you, that envelops and frightens, with the fear of surrender to the abyss but with the desire to touch that distant point at the top where the tension is loosen up and enter a dimension of pure happiness.

It is no coincidence that many psychologists recognize this activity as a therapeutic value.

A rope is all that binds the climber to life, to that nature which, on one hand, could represent the end, on the other hand it is a reason. A sort of umbilical cord with an environment and an experience characterized by a strong dualism: the surrounding void, transformed into an inner silence, is opposed to the greatness and wonder that offers the reaching point linked to the complexity of the mental processes, the ability to calculate, to coordinate movements and breaths, to make possible what seems impossible.

Climbing, a sport that becomes a life lesson that allows to discover one’s own self, learning the true freedom of thought while maintaining a strong intimate contact with oneself.

Climb to find the authentic.

And the Lagonegrese offers different sides to climb and reach.

The reward will be, in addition to the merely physical and mental satisfaction, an explosion of colors and typically mountainous scents that kiss the sea giving way to its charm and releasing the softer and dimmer color in that salty air.

climbing walls

falesia vecchia stazione lauria

Cliff of Lauria’s Old Station FCL